Food chains

When my wife and I returned to our island home after Irma had come and gone, we sought out a local Publix supermarket on the mainland in the early evening. After passing two closed stores, we found one that was open. It was an eerie scene as many of the shelves were empty. Shoppers were looking desperately for anything they could find to replace the … Continue reading Food chains

Why Supermarket Power Matters

by Shane Hamilton, The York Management School, University of York A few years ago, I was reading Trucking Country and was impressed at the author’s grasp of food distribution in America. I did some research on the qualifications of the author and was surprised to learn that Shane Hamilton was located just across campus at  the University of Georgia in the History Department. We met … Continue reading Why Supermarket Power Matters

Grocery by Michael Ruhlman

Anyone interested in where their food comes from, how it gets to the grocery store, and how these stores operate should read Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America. To illustrate how grocery chains operate, the author focuses on a family-owned chain with 22 stores operating out of Cleveland. We are presented with a brief history of grocery store/retail food operations and how … Continue reading Grocery by Michael Ruhlman

Whatever happened to the concept of a balanced diet?

Once upon a time, but not that long ago, very few Americans were overweight or obese. Moms stayed at home to prepare meals for their loving husbands and adoring children. Going to a restaurant to eat was only for a special treat limited to a few times a year. As a child of the 50s and 60s, I grew up in that age. The obesity … Continue reading Whatever happened to the concept of a balanced diet?

A rational plant-based diet

It gives me great pleasure to introduce another very bright student I had the privilege to teach at the University of Georgia. Sara Yang graduated from UGA, went on to work in the food industry, and is now doing graduate work in ways to improve the general acceptability of plant-based diets to a wider range of the population. Although my diet is primarily designed around meat … Continue reading A rational plant-based diet

Fast and processed food while fleeing from Irma!

I apologize to my faithful readers for the recent pause in blogging. Two weeks ago, my family was preparing for the threat of Hurricane Irma. Later that week we fled the state of Florida for the friendlier environs of South Carolina. Our 19-hour trip up I-75 featured long traffic delays and the need to find gas. By the time we got to the GA/FL line … Continue reading Fast and processed food while fleeing from Irma!

Back to the future

During months with five Tuesdays I follow up on some previous themes in lieu of a normal post. Extending shelf life of unprocessed foods I ran across this statement earlier this month Amazon is developing new technologies to make ready-to-eat meals that are more nutritious than processed foods and have a longer shelf life. Anyone else catch the irony of this statement? The video actually clarifies the … Continue reading Back to the future

Man-manipulated chemicals in our foods

Bioactive compounds are ones that interact chemically with our bodies. Two such bioactive ingredients that are manipulated by humans and featured in Badditives are high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. Corn syrup which is almost all glucose is converted to high fructose corn syrup by adding an enzyme to change over half of that glucose to fructose. Hydrogenation adds hydrogen to vegetable oils … Continue reading Man-manipulated chemicals in our foods