Beware of bejeweled watches (and GMO labels)

In November I focused the attention of this site on genetic modification of foods. I asked a colleague and the foremost defender of GMOs, Dr. Wayne Parrott, to write a guest post for the website. The stresses of teaching and other duties at the university precluded an article in November, but he was able to send me this article over Christmas break. I am pleased … Continue reading Beware of bejeweled watches (and GMO labels)

Are natural flavors better than artificial ones?

Natural ingredients are in and artificial ones are out, but how natural are some and how artificial are others? Regulations make this question even more complex. Life is complicated, and we look for shortcuts. We are particularly risk averse, but it takes time to adequately assess risk. In How Risky is it Really, David Ropeik explores many of the terms that we use as shortcuts … Continue reading Are natural flavors better than artificial ones?

Flavor: Trends with Some Science

by Tracy Jaico In a continuing effort to defend processed food, I am working to provide some insight into the perspective of food scientists who work in the food industry. This week I introduce Tracy Jaico who took my two graduate courses—Flavor Chemistry and Evaluation and Food Research and the Scientific Method. She also happens to be in my Fantasy Football League and has reached … Continue reading Flavor: Trends with Some Science

Flavor 101–properties and cooking

One of my favorite classes to teach at the University of Georgia was called Flavor Chemistry and Evaluation. We had no textbook and no formal lab, although we usually read a book as supplementary reading such as Taste or Cookwise. The class met twice a week focusing on a specific aspect of flavor for those two sessions. One period featured a class discussion of two to … Continue reading Flavor 101–properties and cooking

Genetically Modified Organisms: We’ve Been Making Them Forever

I am pleased to introduce another of my former students as a guest columnist. I taught Jordan in Food Chemistry and served as his academic advisor. He had strong opinions on various aspects of food science which may be why we were able to get along so well. He reviewed the chapter on food safety in my book In Defense of Processed Food and made … Continue reading Genetically Modified Organisms: We’ve Been Making Them Forever

Review of Food Fight by Mackay Jenkins

Finally, an “unbiased” and “fair and balanced” look at GMOs or so we are promised on the back cover of Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet. Mackay Jenkins introduces us to the world of GMOs from the viewpoints of both molecular biologists and anti-GMO activists. He provides a peek into some genetic-engineering projects that went well and others that did not. … Continue reading Review of Food Fight by Mackay Jenkins

Food chains

When my wife and I returned to our island home after Irma had come and gone, we sought out a local Publix supermarket on the mainland in the early evening. After passing two closed stores, we found one that was open. It was an eerie scene as many of the shelves were empty. Shoppers were looking desperately for anything they could find to replace the … Continue reading Food chains