Fleeing Ian and news on the food front

This site is taking a break this week. Hurricane Ian is bearing down on processedfoodsite.com headquarters and we are fleeing inland. If all goes well, there will be a post on the health benefits of meat in our diets next week. This is the second time in the 8 years we have lived on the gulf coast that we have fled our barrier island home. The last time was another Hurricane “I” or Irma.

Two other noteworthy events later this week:

Wednesday, September 28 White House Conference on Hunger Nutrition and Health 

Thursday, September 29 International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

9 thoughts on “Fleeing Ian and news on the food front

  1. Hoping for the best outcomes and will look forward to more informative writings in the future – thank you, Robert! ~Karen


    1. Thanks Karen. The family is doing well. We are back in South Carolina after returning to Sanibel. The island looks like a war zone! It was a devastating experience. I currently have a problem with my laptop. When it recovers, I will post on my experiences since Ian. Then I will resume discussing topics surrounding processed food.


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