The book you have been waiting for is out–just in time for the holidays!

For those of you waiting to purchase and read my book, it is now available. Just click on the cover image below and it will take you there!


The book was inspired by students in my Food Processing (FDST4010/6010) class and is dedicated to them, particularly those “who listened to me carefully but were not afraid to challenge my thoughts and my ideas.”

It also comes with a warning:

If you bought this book in search of simple solutions to America’s diet and health problems, YOU WERE RIPPED OFF!

The book basically challenges food pundits who portray processed food in a very negative and a very superficial way and Big Food who succumbs to this over-simplified view of what we should and should not eat to sell more product.

I received a few paperback copies in the mail last week and was pleased with the way it was put together by the publisher. I am not as optimistic about the ebook, as I don’t believe it will have the typical links from text to sources that I desired. I would love to hear comments–positive or negative–from anyone who purchases and reads either version.

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